Take the guesswork out of managing your stores

Reliable in-store analytics for retailers and malls — no new sensors needed.

Trusted in stores by

Get instant visiblity into every store

Enable your Store Ops team to pinpoint which stores are under- or over-performing and why — with concise reports that remove the guesswork, so you can take actions swiftly.

Stop installing new sensors

Get your stores online in minutes using your existing CCTV cameras. Our plug & play setup works with all leading security brands — saving you time, money and the hassle of installing hundreds of sensors!

Regain trust in your customer counts

Get more accurate customer-only counts and see where staff spend most of their time — thanks to our cutting-edge AI that segments customers, staff, ages and genders across the full retail footprint.

Not only is Aura Vision more accurate than traditional footfall counters, our Computer Vision experts also validate the counting accuracy of every location with you — to ensure you're completely confident in your data.

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Measure the impact of visual merchandising and marketing

Detailed engagement metrics bring you even closer to your customers at every step of their journey — with tangible insights into window and product displays, queue times, in-store promotions and marketing campaigns.

Protect everyone's privacy — without facial recognition

Aura Vision is GDPR compliant from the ground-up. We don't use facial recognition and never store personal data on customers or staff.

Our on-premise approach converts video feeds into anonymous analytics, so video never leaves the store — setting your Information Security team at ease.

What will your cameras show you?

Understand your stores, customers and staff better with Aura Vision.