AI-powered security cameras

Aura Vision works with all major camera manufacturers to deliver critical retail insights.

How it works

Plug & Play installation
Connects to your camera system in under 15 minutes without technical know-how.
  • Ships in days, sets up in minutes

  • Self-serve installation without technicians

  • Integrates with all NVRs with PoE+ connectivity

  • Connects over Cat5e-6, WiFi & 3G

  • No store down-time

  • No expensive additional hardware

  • Uses existing cameras

Industry leading AI
Groundbreaking technology transforms video feeds into retail critical insights.
Unique deep learning AI segments employees from customers, underpinning highly accurate customer counts and innovative employee insights.
Built for GDPR, video processing generates 100% anonymous insights. Spun-out from the University of Southampton, UK, our solution incorporates a privacy-by-design ethos specifically for retail, to protect customer and employee identities.
  • Proprietary AI technology

  • Enterprise grade security

  • 100% anonymous insights

  • No facial recognition

  • No personal identification

  • On-premise video processing

  • Infinite scale

Aura Analytics Platform
Empower your company’s stakeholders with insights at their fingertips, to keep track of store performance, from one location to thousands.
View, analyze, compare and download your cloud-based insights and seamlessly connect with our API, with unlimited user access.
  • Over 16 KPIs segmented by age, gender, staff or customer

  • Quick summary web tool

  • Quick question and answer web tool

  • Campaign impact web tool

  • Conversion drivers web tool

  • Sales data integration

  • Daily heatmaps segmented by age, gender, staff or customer

  • Weekly email reports

  • Excel and CSV export


  • Unlimited users