The Insight Platform

Measure your entire retail footprint in real-time. Access it all in one place.

The Aura Vision dashboard, showing analytics from the last 7 days

Actionable and real-time

Take data-driven decisions with ease — with live analytics and comprehensive data visualisation tools on your dashboard.

A graph of data from the last 30 days, broken down by age

The full customer journey

Get the complete picture of every location's performance — from store pass-bys to product engagement and queue wait times, all integrated with your sales data.

A popup allowing the user to filter by several metrics

Mission critical email reporting

Configurable email reports ensure every team member, from store managers to retail directors, receive their most important insights every day, week and month.

A KPI summary report

Age & gender without facial recognition

Aura Vision's unique AI technology measures customer demographics without using facial recognition — offering full-location segmentation while protecting privacy.

A table of store locations and data from each, broken down by age bracket

Employee-customer segmentation everywhere

Count customers with superior accuracy and gain valuable operational insights into employee behaviour with full-location staff-customer segmentation.

Overlaid heatmaps, showing customer and staff movement within a storeOverlaid heatmaps, showing customer and staff movement within a store
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Fully integrated

Aura Vision fully integrates with every aspect of your business. Link in your sales data for all-in-one reporting, and use our developer-friendly API to integrate Aura Vision with your preferred business intelligence platform.