Open your stores safely

Aura Vision's revolutionary AI offers the complete solution for in-store safety.


live queue times and store capacity

Help your customers stay safe by avoiding queue times and overcrowding with real-time store capacity information.

Aura Vision's live updates integrate directly into your website or mobile app, allowing easy access for your customers.

Versatile AI technology sets up in minutes to capture outdoor wait times and queue lengths using any existing security camera.


Face mask compliance

Ensure your staff and customers are complying with the latest PPE guidance and government regulations in your region.

Aura Vision's proprietary computer vision solution detects if face protection is being worn across the store, using only your existing security cameras.


Sanitation prioritization

Triage sanitation efforts to prioritize areas that have seen high traffic since last clean.

Area priority rankings and dwell spot heatmaps show your staff exactly where traffic is most prominent for the most effective coverage with limited resources.


Sales performance impact

Quickly pinpoint the root cause of underperforming sales with advanced insight reports.

Automatically spot if a change in consumer behaviour is leading to lower conversion rates, or if it's an issue with the new store layout of a specific product category.


Social distancing alerts

Alert your team in real-time if customers are within 6ft (2m) of each other or other staff members across any area of the store.

Overcrowding heatmaps also help identify which areas have regular overcrowding to inform customer pathflow management.


Traffic flow compliance

Measure how effective new traffic management policies are at guiding customers around the store safely.

Count how many customers are moving contra-flow to one-way directional systems to improve the customer experience.

Keep your customers and employees safe

Find out how Aura Vision is helping retailers safely drive traffic while keeping their stores open.