What is In Store Optimization?

January 12, 2020

In-Store Optimization (ISO) is transforming the way that retailers look at their physical stores. Many of the processes that were once deemed unscalable can now be rolled out across entire estates.

When we talk of ISO we are trying to achieve a number of things for several groups;

  • For Visitors, we want to optimize the customer experience
  • For the Marketing Dept, the goal is to ensure their efforts are attracting good quality traffic to the store
  • For Store Ops, the goal is to increase in-store conversions
  • For the Retail Dept, the goal is to maximize store profits

Put simply ISO is a data-driven system of increasing the in-store conversions, sales conversion, and the average purchase value in a physical store. The ways in which you can learn more about your retail environments have evolved significantly in the last couple of years.

At Aura Vision, we use computer vision and your existing security cameras to deliver the clearest view of performance. Once we have a clear view of performance, we can start to spot previously unseen patterns and trends, whilst correlating costs to revenue and identifying the drivers for success in your stores. By integrating with your existing security cameras we can help you optimise the following:

All the ways that you can use computer vision for in store optimization

For a personalised demo of the Aura Vision platform, or for any other enquiries, please contact hello@auravision.ai. For more information, visit https://auravision.ai